How it works

About us

With more than a billion people, Africa is officially considered by all indicators to be the poorest continent in the world. But paradoxically Africa remains the continent the most rich in the world in terms of natural resources.

Based on this observation well known to all and in order to give Africa its glory of yesteryear , we decided to make our contribution to the building by setting up Ninatoa, a platform for crowdfunding to meet a need: the funding of projects through collective participation.

Ninatoa aims to allow the financing of projects for and in relation to Africa , in very varied fields, from fashion to catering through music, tourism or solidarity, by connecting project leaders, entrepreneurs and associations with potential contributors who wish to support their projects.

Like other crowdfunding platforms, Ninatoa can reduce the burdens associated with traditional modes of investment, allowing Internet users to finance projects still at the idea stage; companies to develop their products and associations to carry out their missions.

Ninatoa also wishes to promote, encourage and enhance the entrepreneurship, culture and values of this beautiful continent of a thousand and one facets.

How's it going ?

Thanks to the Internet, crowdfunding has therefore become a simple and accessible tool for fundraising. The project leader calls on Internet users to help him realize his project. To convince them, he created a presentation page for his project. He then sets a goal by going up to initiate or materialize his project . Rules of the Game ? Achieve this goal in a predetermined time. To successfully collect, the project leader embarks on a real communication campaign (thanks to social networks, events, e-mails, etc.). He must first convince the people closest to his entourage (friends, family ...) before extending his target to his familiarities to finally try to capture the general public.

The different steps

I sign up for Ninatoa and create my campaign by filling out the form. The maximum duration of a campaign is 90 days.

In order to ensure security and maintain a climate of trust, you will need to send us a number of documents. For this, after registration, you must click on “start my campaign” then on the link available for this purpose.

I make my project known on social networks by sharing to as many people as possible and I invite my family, my friends and my entourage to participate.

Contributions are made very simply and directly in the campaign page without the need to register.

Once your campaign is over, the transfer time is 2 to 4 weeks.

Ninatoa commission on the amount collected is :

  • 5% for humanitarian association projects.
  • 7% for campaigns whose fundraising goal has been reached.
  • 9% for campaigns with a fundraising goal not reached.
Ninatoa commission fees for project leaders accepted via this form vary and are calculated based on exchange rates and commissions from the bank of the project holder. To the standard commission costs, we add the exchange costs and the commission costs of the bank of the project owner.