Our rules

Ninatoa is a community of enthusiasts who support all kinds of projects.

We welcome and support projects of various categories: art, crafts, gastronomy, entertainment, entertainment, design, fashion, cinema, video, cooking, games, publishing, journalism, music, photography, childhood, education, technology, hotels, restaurants , solidarity, citizen, sport, health, tourism. Here are the essential rules that applies to all Ninatoa projects.

  1. Your project aims to create something or manufacture a product with collective reach contributing to the development of Africa. Artworks, gadgets, events, spaces, ideas or experiences, all kinds of achievements are funded on Ninatoa. That said, all projects have one thing in common: the result for a collective reach that sometimes extends all around the world.
  2. Your project is designed with honesty and presented clearly. Our community is based on trust and communication. Creators can not mislead other users or misrepresent facts; their plans and intentions must be sincere. In addition, we ask the creators of complex manufacturing projects (eg, a gadget) to show a prototype de ce qu’ils fabriquent. Les rendus photoréalistes ne sont pas autorisés.
  3. Associations and non-profit organizations are welcome on Ninatoa. The funds raised on Ninatoa must be used to facilitate the project that the creator describes on his project page.
  4. Equity investments or actions sharing are prohibited. Investments are not allowed on Ninatoa. Project creators do not have the right to offer financial incentives, whether for equity, equity, income distribution or investment.
  5. Some types of rewards are prohibited, especially this articles.

If these rules do not cover all possible uses of Ninatoa, they outline our approach of crowdfunding and the purpose of our platform.